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Oil and Gas - Heavy Machinery

Kinsman Equipment offers the best in heavy equipment inventory managed with first class service. We also specialize in auctions through our auction division - Beazley Auctioners.

Outstanding Results

At Kinsman Equipment, we consider each aspect of the process and work with you to find the best course of action. Consider us your equipment concierge! We understand that if you are buying or selling equipment, the purpose is to increase revenue or decrease costs. Avoid adding to costs or frustration by trying to do this yourself. Focus on what you do best, and allow us to do the heavy lifting, buying and selling equipment. It's what we do best. Call us today and allow us to serve you: 800.366.1376.

Our team has facilitated or negotiated the transactions of more than a billion dollars of assets in the service and equipment industry. Your call or contact will create an immediate response from one of our qualified staff. Our goal is to provide you with a direct answer without fluff or variables.

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Outstanding results are what we strive to achieve in the sale or purchase of any type of item.  Our team will review your needs and bring you a solution to achieve your desired results. This process will include a review of your item or items, completion of contract for one of several methods we use including Purchase, Brokerage, Consignment, and Auction.

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Heavy Machinery - Oil and Gas

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Kinsman Equipment was built on serving the customer. If we don’t create value, we don’t have a business.